Back to school for Barclays staff

Barclays LogoA team of 10 trainers from Barclays Bank went back to the classroom in December when they worked with students from Buttershaw Business and Enterprise College on an employability skills session, focussed on solving a problem based on a real business issue.

Students were posed with a scenario from within the business relating to issues around high staff turnover and low employee opinion scores. The students were asked to come up with a business plan and create a presentation to summarise ideas. The aim was for students to use their current business studies and work experience knowledge to apply it to a real life business issue.

Caroline Wright, Training Consultant at Barclays commented’ “All the staff who took part in the day really enjoyed working with an audience with different experience and skills set. It was also good for us to work with the community. As a training team we lean more towards ‘skills sharing’ community work rather than fundraising, so this was an ideal opportunity to interact with students while also developing the skills of individuals in our team.”

This request has been facilitated via the E3 Bradford initiative that aims to embed an entrepreneurial culture within local schools and colleges.  Click here for more information.

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