Become a Trustee of a Growing FE Students’ Union

We are pleased to invite you to apply to become a Trustee of Leeds City College Students’ Union. The position is open to all, however at this specific time we are looking for an applicant with Senior Role skills in Charity Law and Income Generation to benefit the Students Union moving forward.

What does the Board do?

– Ensure the Students’ Union is carrying out its purposes for the students benefit.
– Comply with the SU’s governing document and the law.
– Act in your SU’s best interests.
– Manage your SU’s resources responsibly.
– Act with reasonable care and skill.
– Ensure your SU is accountable.

What is the role about?

To help shape Leeds City College Students’ Union future. You will need to be able to think strategically, be creative and bring a range of different perspectives to the Board. Trustees are expected to have oversight of the Risks that may threaten the organisation or prevent it from succeeding its goals, with this Trustees are expected to advise management on the management and identification of risks
You will be the kind of person who would feel most comfortable working in a student-led, democratic environment and who values equal opportunities. You will need to use a highly collaborative style to deliver real progress against a challenging, political mission.

This is a non-political role and Trustees are not in place to shape the political and campaigning decisions, but they are in place to ensure we have a sound organisation with the best resources and finances in place to enable us to campaign.

– You will be a Trustee of Leeds City College Students’ Union and will be expected to contribute fully within and outside (where required) of meetings.
– You will be expected to bring a membership perspective to our thinking around key, strategic commercial decisions and to challenge and question our practices and plans.
– It is preferable, yet not essential, if you bring a level of people and talent experience and knowledge or interest in this part of the movement.
– It should be noted that the principal responsibility of volunteers is to represent the Union and its membership and not just the views of their own Students’ Union.
– The Chair of the Trustee Board is a elected member of the Student Body. If Absent the President of the Students’ Union will Chair the meeting.

Outside the meetings

– Trustees’ experience and expertise is valuable outside of the Board meetings to and where Trustees can commit the time and resource we ask for their support in other areas of the organisation such as within strategic review projects and creation and feedback on Running costs and benefits.

What is involved?

– Meetings will be around 2-3 hours and there will also be pre-reading/meeting preparation.
– To attend 3-4 meetings per year held in the Park Lane Campus, of Leeds City College.
– You will also be asked to provide your views and guidance outside of meetings where appropriate.
– The term of office is for 1 year, from agreed start date and can be renewed.
– Travel together with reasonable expenses will be offered.
– Meetings can be attended by video conference if you are unable to attend each one in person, though there is an expectation that one per year is attended in person.

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