B&M Waste Services and Edge Hill University tree planting

As part of their Carbon Neutral commitment, B&M Waste Services have donated 100 trees to Edge Hill University.

Edge Hill have planted the trees within the existing green space on their picturesque 160 acre campus, to help further offset their carbon impact.

B&M Director Mick Ashall, who joined the University’s gardening team during the planting, said: “Like us, Edge Hill are always looking at ways to improve their environmental credentials. By planting these trees on-site we are not only offsetting their carbon impact but also adding to the nice surroundings for their staff, students and visitors to enjoy.”

Edge Hill have worked with B&M since September 2016. The sustainable waste strategy in place includes an on-site recycling centre where the different waste streams are sorted by B&M operatives to maximise recycling rates, with zero waste sent to landfill.

Tina Hanson, Housekeeping Services Manager at Edge Hill said “Working with B&M has been fantastic. In addition to all of the efficiency and environmental benefits from the service, having these trees planted is great and complements our beautiful estate.”

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