Can you help the North of England Activities and Training relocate? Ref:1581

North of England Activities and Training is an organisation that supports anyone new to outdoor activities, or needing experience/guidance in them and anyone with an interest in Ecopsychotherapy (effects of the natural environment on mood and mental health).

North of England Activities and Training (NEAT) is now looking to relocate its outdoor clothing and equipment store. NEAT has been in operation for over ten years and has been a crucial factor in enabling Bradford residents, especially the young, get safe and comfortable access to the outdoor environment.

The store needs secure, dry premises with access available at evenings and weekends. NEAT’s volunteers look after kit issue, returns and maintenance.

NEAT is currently looking for two methods of support

  • Sponsorship or donation to the value of £3600.00
  • Free or low-cost hire of suitable accessible premises
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