Communications and coaching working hand in hand

Yorkshire based communications and PR consultant Amy Bell left the 9 to 5 last August to set up Hey Me! a new communications consultancy offering communications, PR and marketing support.

It seemed for Amy that setting up and running a business in it’s first year was not enough; when in September she also became a coach to two women’s development teams at York Volleyball Club [ ]. Here she helped juniors, and those returning to the sport, to build their skills and provided the opportunity for members to start playing competitive volleyball in the region. Last season the teams came first and second in the league, with York Volleyball Club also winning the Volleyball England Club of the Year award.

Coaching at York Volleyball club was just the beginning. Amy has always been passionate about supporting grass roots sports and when an opportunity came about to help the regional Yorkshire Junior Volleyball teams to progress and play against other regions, she of course took up the challenge. Last May, Yorkshire Volleyball took 36 junior players to the inter-regional competition in Kettering for the first time in six years.

Seeing a gap in the number of junior players coming through the club, and the regional development pathway, Amy helped York Volleyball Club to re-establish a connection with Archbishop School in York.  Here she set up and ran weekly volleyball sessions for their year 7 and 8 students. She also has plans to extend this to more schools in the York region this academic year.

As the 2017/18 season drew to a close Amy became the new Team Manager for the England Cadets Girls team. For the coming few years Amy will be responsible for supporting the coaching team during weekend training camps and competitions and looking after the girl’s welfare when they are off the court.

This is all for free and on top of her day job, so why does Amy do it?

“When I was younger I took part in just about every sport available to me. I had some amazing opportunities and experiences which were only possible due to a small number of adults who gave their time to supporting young people. Throughout my life, and my career, I have utilised and referred to many of the skills that I developed through participation in sports and as part of a team. The experience I gained in my teenage years proved to be invaluable, and I want to make sure that others have the same, if not better, opportunities.”

“When you can help someone to improve a skill, gain confidence, and to realise they can do something they weren’t able to do before, it gives you an amazing feeling.”

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