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‘Supporting social mobility is key to the future of Bradford’

The ‘expectation’ that one day I would get a job was always a given. Isn’t that what everyone should think?

By Will Richardson, PwC Senior Partner, Leeds

My mother was a school teacher and my father ran the local newsagent in the small Yorkshire market town of Masham. Growing up, I never questioned the fact that one day I would get a job and go out to work just as they did, I expected that it would simply ‘just’ happen. However, I didn’t have any particular aspirations or desire to be anything specific.  I was surrounded by family and friends who had good ‘traditional’ jobs (my two older brothers went into the army and farming). I certainly never thought that I wanted to be an accountant, or a forensics partner when I grew up. I didn’t even know that professional services firms like PwC existed.

I left school with reasonable O-Levels but lacked direction. I started what was meant to be a management training scheme at a supermarket, but that quickly revealed itself as not being the ideal fit for me.  This experience made me realise that I wanted more from my job. I left to start college and then polytechnic, paying my way through by working evenings in a pub, and then on building sites in the summer holidays.

Once I had obtained my degree, I was still not sure what I really wanted to do so I went along to a Careers Fair. Purely by luck, the first stand I visited was PwC, and that led me down the very fortunate path to where I am today.

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