Donations to support The Holistic Well Being For Optimum Health Programme Ref:1608

The Beryl Browne Foundation has been working in community development for over 20 years. Proudly working with carers in breaking isolation in the community through workshop groups, supported tenants and resident associations, and city councils.

We have extensive experience in the field of personal development and a passion for enabling people. Recently we have designed, developed and delivered the very successful ‘Essence’ program, a unique personal development course for women in the community.

The foundation are now looking for donations to support a ‘Holistic well being for optimum health’ programme designed to offer knowledge, skills and support as a means of changing and building lives and offering opportunities for development.

The programme will be achieved through the participation and involvement in Coursework and assignments, home study and own research, ‘hands-on’ workshops and feedback. We recognise that people may not have been engaged in learning for some time and are fearful, our aim is to work at their pace, and nurture them through this transition in their lives.

This is a six month accredited course and will be provided free for the delegates.

The cost of this project is £15,000 so your donations will go a long way to helping the lives of the people we can support.


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