Eco House Design Competition

Rance Booth Smith Architects used their key skills to create a design competition for a local school.

Richard Sabey, Architectural Technologist at Rance Booth Smith Architects has a passion for sustainable construction and has undertaken an MSc in Sustainable Architecture focusing on retrofitting existing buildings.  In November 2012 Richard volunteered his time to local school, Titus Salt School, to conduct a day long Eco House Design competition and provided an introductory seminar on sustainable house design to the participating students. The brief for students was as follows;

  • develop and manage an ECO friendly, green and sustainable house building company and develop a professional presentation which will be judged by a key professional from an organisation with expertise in this sector
  • design and cost the most ECO friendly house and explain who it is aimed for, who are your potential customers? Why would they buy your house instead of any others on the market which may be cheaper? What is your unique selling point.?
  • the presentation must include all the elements of your house and the reasons behind your choices.

Richard provided professional advice in the compilation of the brief, the introduction to the project, and support to the students throughout the competition.  Richard then judged the competition and awarded the winning team.  It is thought that this model could be used again in the future, with minor improvements,  for other schools.

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