Enterprise Activities with E3 Bradford


Paul Mackie, chairman of Rex Procter & Partners and E3 Bradford, spoke to youngsters aged 10 and 11 during a presentation alongside the Lord Mayor of Bradford, Councillor Dale Smith.

The pair spoke to pupils from Low Moor Primary School as part of the E3 Bradford initiative, which is being supported by Bradford Council and the Bradford Chamber of Commerce to create a new enterprise curriculum for education providers across the city, with the intention of delivering home grown talent to the business community.

Paul told the schoolchildren that Bradford is a “great place to live and work”. But he also said they need to be thinking about what they might do in the future and begin considering and planning their careers. “Your dreams can come true, but you have got to have a plan. A great idea without a plan is just a dream. You need to take advice, ask great questions, bounce ideas off others, hang onto something that you are good at and don’t be scared of failure.”

Paul also asked the pupils whether they had any ideas about the job they eventually wanted to do. A number of students did and the jobs included being a vet, an artist, a paleontologist, working in a charity and being a story book writer. One student said that they wanted to set up their own animal hotel business.

The Lord Mayor said that with 24 per cent of the district’s population under 14-year-olds it is important for the pupils to get a good education as there is a lot of competition ahead for them. “You have to be all qualified to have a successful life and future.” he told the youngsters.

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