Future proofing Leeds' digital infrastructure

Leeds’ booming digital technology sector is set to contribute significant growth to the region’s economy with 30% per cent predicated growth to £2 billion by 2021.

Top of the digital agenda for the region is ensuring there is sufficient infrastructure in place to support the 8500 plus digital and technology based businesses.

Digital infrastructure in the region has failed to offer best in class services with the most common offerings being ADSL 2+ or Fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) as affordable business broadband however bandwidth is limited.

Another option is ‘Line of Sight Broadband’ or ‘Fixed Wireless Broadband’ which requires a clear line of sight to the satellite to provide consistent bandwidth services.

Up till now the most robust and high bandwidth connectivity solutions are leased lines which can be too expensive for many businesses.

The recent launch of the pure fibre network in Leeds offers an essential and much needed resource to the Digital and Tech industry through the provision of resilient, scalable gigabit speed connectivity.

As bandwidth hungry businesses continue to grow and their connectivity requirements increase exponentially, the new state of the art pure fibre infrastructure will offer the means to future-proof the city with the best connectivity services available, ensuring the ongoing success and growth of the Digital and Tech sector in Leeds, as well of course, as the wider business community.
Alongside the thriving Digital and Tech sector, the well-established Legal and Financial sectors and newly emerging Fintech sector, will benefit from the extensive pure fibre network throughout the Leeds region.

It’s ultra-fast speeds enable businesses to make the most of new ways of working, improving their experience and driving the bottom line by using cloud services for storage, telephony and virtual conferencing to name a few.
The growing spectrum of cloud computing services makes the need to provide adequate digital infrastructure acutely more important to ensure Leeds businesses are able to compete on a national and global scale.

One of the key benefits of pure fibre connectivity is that it runs at symmetrical speeds giving users upload speeds which match their down load speeds, removing many of the barriers to fully embracing cloud services.

The current pure fibre gigabit provision introduced into Leeds is also scalable allowing for future developments as the digital world continues to grow and demands on connectivity increase.

The pure fibre network owned and operated by infrastructure provider CityFibre is now available through their Leeds partner, Diva Telecom, offering access to the 117km Gigabit City network making Leeds one of the best connected cities on the planet, dramatically accelerating the digital capabilities of businesses and providing an essential part in future proofing the digital infrastructure in the region.

For more information on the Diva Telecom Pure Fibre Connectivity product and range of intuitive communication solutions visit –http://www.divatelecom.co.uk/telephony/pure-fibre-connectivity

Photo credit: Matt Essam, Creative Life

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