Honorary Treasurer sought for Leeds Civic Trust

Founded in 1965, Leeds Civic Trust is a lively, independent, non-political voluntary organisation which promotes the improvement of Leeds in the spheres of architecture and planning, heritage and conservation, and public amenities. It is a Registered Charity and a Company Limited by Guarantee. Its headquarters is a pair of Victorian cottages in Wharf Street which were bought and refurbished some years ago in The Calls in Leeds City Centre.

The Trust is seeking a new Treasurer following the current Treasurer’s decision to step down at the end of August. The position is honorary and carries no remuneration but is vitally important in furthering the essential work of the Trust.

The role of the Treasurer is to be responsible for the supervision of the Trust’s financial affairs and to undertake duties relating to them. In this role he/she is supported by a Finance Committee consisting of the Trust Chair, the Trust Director, and three members of Trust Council. In the execution of his/her financial duties, the Treasurer is assisted by the Trust’s Finance/Events Administrator.

The Treasurer would be a member of the Trust’s Council (Board of Trustees) and would have the opportunity to play a full part in directing and overseeing the Trust’s activities, and through these influencing the future wellbeing of Leeds. The Council meets 10 times a year in the early evening. Involvement with the Trust provides a rich and rewarding experience and an opportunity to work with a team of enthusiastic and committed Trustees and staff.

Finance Package
We use QuickBooks Online as our accounts package. This is accessible from anywhere meaning that some of the work can be done from home.

Trust Income, Assets and investments
The Trust has an annual income and expenditure of approximately £200k and assets of £650k. Its principal non-property assets are held in three Common Investment Funds, so the Treasurer is not required to actively manage a portfolio of investments.

Trust Staff
The Trust has three salaried members of staff paid under PAYE and the previous Treasurers have operated PAYE for the Trust.

Time Commitment
The experience of recent years suggests that performing the role of Treasurer takes about 4 to 6 hours per month and somewhat more following the year end which is on 31st August. However, if the next incumbent wishes, the Trust would consider employing a freelance accountant/bookkeeper to produce management accounts and to operate the payroll (tasks which are beyond the cashier-type duties currently undertaken by our Finance Administrator).

Division of Financial Tasks at Present
(1) Finance Administrator
Currently, she has the role of cashier, making all cheque and cash payments and banking cheques and cash etc. She enters all payments and receipts into QuickBooks. She also produces invoices etc. Membership subscriptions are dealt with entirely by her and a Trust volunteer.

(2) Our Honorary Treasurer, at present, does the more advanced tasks on Quickbooks:
• Paying the salaries by internet banking and submitting returns to HMRC (we have 3 salaried staff members)
• Making payments to HMRC
• Making an annual Gift Aid claim
• Undertaking bank reconciliations (these could possibly be done by the Administrator)
• Making any account adjustments necessary, e.g. dealing with non-payment/deletion of invoices etc.
• Produces monthly financial reports for Trust Council (Management Committee) using Quickbooks.
• Prepares the Trust Annual Accounts (essentially produced from QuickBooks and then submitted to Bartfields (UK) Limited, who are the ‘Independent Examiner of our accounts and who prepare charity accounts in a form suitable for submitting to Companies House and the Charity Commission.).
• Deals with insurance and utility provider renewals.
• The Treasurer is a cheque signatory and the main point of contact between the Trust and its bankers (cheques require the signatures of two of the five nominated people which include the Trust Chair, the Treasurer, the Trust Director and two others).

In essence, the Treasurer can be as ‘hands’ on as he or she desires. The overall role is to supervise the Trust’s finances. Both I and members of our Finance Committee will be very happy to talk the matter over with a potential new Treasurer.

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