Non-Executive Directors required

Partog Charity reg 1149523 gathered specialised knowledge, work experience, I wrote award winning, Government acclaimed/published research and earned advanced MA qualifications for protecting young people from damaging lifestyles or developing behaviour and emotional problems.

Last year we noted the serious decline in social values and appalling disrespect for women, massive increases in Domestic Violence, sex crimes and one in five young people (aged 5-19 yrs.) in our region commit suicide (ONS, 2015). Despite all the best intentions, existing services continue to exasperate the problem.We want our SE company reg. 6796387 to charge a fair rate for innovative and effective remedies that deliver sustainable positive outcomes.

We need Non-Executive Directors offering advice and insight from the commercial sector with such as Marketing, budgeting and Business planning etc. People diversifying their skills and experience to create a safer, healthier more stable community where young people can feel respected, assertive, confident and proud. Please get in touch for chat, preferably over coffee and croissants, my treat

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