Online benchmarking system goes live

It’s brand new – and it’s unique to the region. Our online benchmarking questionnaire is based on the District’s main priorities, so that businesses know that their inputs will make a real difference, where it matters.

“The questionnaires were difficult to design,” says Carolyn Coleman, Business Services Manager at the Chamber. We are very grateful for the help given by a number of companies who tested out our question sets and made valuable suggestions. In particular, I would like to thank Rob Lawson, CSR Manager at Provident Financial, who came up with the idea of a bench-marking scheme that would encourage more firms to get involved and raise their own game in terms of their social and environmental responsibility.”

spider-chart2Another innovation is the certificates and reports that campanies will receive when they complete the  online questionnaires. These show the overall score for each section, as well as the average score across all the categories. The bronze, silver and gold certificates will be based on this aevrage score.  It is expected that companies will challenge themselves to improve on their performance year on year.

The online system means that data can be collected to demonstrate how many hours of their time, resources and donations businesses give to the District each year. This data is available to businesses who can use it to evidence their credentials in tenders.



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