Take part in the 2015 sponsored rough sleep at The Royal Armouries Ref:1618

The Rough Sleep

This year, we have been fortunate to secure the support of The Royal Armouries again. We also have 4Serve as a main sponsor for the event. We are expecting 100’s of businesses and individuals to convene at The Royal Armouries.

The Sleep

It is a challenge to spend a night sleeping out in the open air to raise funds for Simon On The Streets.

Along with the actual sleep there will also be a unique opportunity to hear from some of the people we have supported which is a chance to learn about why homelessness is about so much more than simply having nowhere to live.


This event is not about trying to re-create sleeping rough, we simply couldn’t do that. However, it is an opportunity to learn about the real challenges that face rough sleepers on a daily basis and to understand exactly how and why they exist.

Kit List

  • Mat, plastic sheet, thick cardboard etc. We will provide each sleeper with 1 cardboard box
  • Sleeping bag to lie on & in.
  • Warm clothes (layers), waterproofs, torch, rubbish bag
  • Cash for refreshments
  • Banner for your organisation – if you would like to promote your organisation

Do’s and Dont’s

In the interest of Health and Safety and courtesy to our neighbours, we ask that people do not bring alcohol, stoves, fires, tents or music (personal iPods etc. are of course fine).

We reserve the right to ask anyone who is under the influence of alcohol and behaving inappropriately to leave… and we don’t want to do that!

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