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There has been plenty of negative press coverage regarding the cost of going to university, and how, after three years’ study, students leave with a qualification that isn’t guaranteed to lead to a career with genuine prospects.

Many school leavers with good qualifications choose not to continue their education at a university. Instead they may prefer an occupational apprenticeship with a company that can provide support and encouragement during the apprenticeship and a worthwhile, interesting career once the apprenticeship has been completed.

Thorite is one of those companies. Over the past ten years, seven apprentices have started and completed their training and most of them are still working for the company. Ross Gowler, the Marketing and Engineering Director of Thorite says: “Long ago, a traditional apprenticeship was viewed as training programme for a career in engineering, carpentry or one of the ship building or construction professions – but not now.  While we have apprentices in engineering, we see the Modern Apprenticeships which include IT and Marketing as being just as important to the future of Thorite.”

Two of the latest to complete their apprenticeships are Josef Cotterill who has completed his Marketing apprenticeship and has recently passed his NVQ Level 3 and Dominik Hull who chose an apprenticeship in IT.

As far as Josef is concerned, a Marketing role with Thorite was a far better proposition than a Marketing degree from university with no guarantee of a job after three years. “What mainly interests me within my job role in marketing is the diversity of the jobs from day to day. This can include anything from photographing products, to designing the latest Thorite catalogue.”

Dominik’s view is much the same. His interest in IT is way beyond simply sitting in front of a computer screen all day. “My interest in the IT industry is all about the never ending cycle. Always having to learn something new or how the latest technologies work. I also love helping people, especially helping with end user problems, helping them solve their problems so that they can get on with their job. Plus IT is pretty much going to be around for a while as things never stop progressing.”

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