Thorite backs Team Hare

Formula Student provides students with the opportunity to experience in real-life, motor sport engineering at its most competitive in real life. This is a global formula, entered by hundreds of universities globally.

Three years ago, Team Hare – Huddersfield Automotive Racing Enterprises – approached Thorite’s managing director, Stephen Wright, a former Huddersfield University alumni himself, with a request for sponsorship. Thorite became a sponsor and helped with specialist tools and funding.

This year, Thorite is a Silver level sponsor and, in addition to specialist tools, also provided the team’s Driveline Manager, Jake Stanley with a place on the two-day Foundation in Pneumatics Course which is run by the Thorite Academy. This proved extremely valuable to Jake as the car has a pneumatic paddle gearshift on the transmission and the course uses the very latest pneumatic control systems.

The Thorite Training Academy has been in existence for over thirty years.  Courses last from between one and three days, with the two-day Foundation in Pneumatics course being the most popular. The Foundation in Pneumatics course has been designed to provide delegates who have limited knowledge of pneumaticswith the necessary expertise to design, build and maintain a pneumatic circuit.  Five of these foundation courses are held each year.

Formula Student is now Europe’s most established educational motorsport competition for undergraduates who want hands on experience in an innovative racing team, run by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE)

It is heavily supported by leading manufacturers in the automotive industries where there is always a need for highly qualified staff. Team Hare consists of students studying mechanical, automotive and electronic engineering at the University of Huddersfield. They have built the car from scratch and will compete in a number of events throughout Europe. For more information please contact Thorite on 0800 034 5850 or visit

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