Volunteers neede for Multi-Disciplinary Human Trafficking Panel Ref:1631

The National Referral Mechanism is looking for volunteers to sit on the Regional Multi-Disciplinary Human Trafficking Panel in Bradford as the area is under represented.

These panels will be comprised of a number of representatives from statutory agencies (local authorities, police, NHS, UK Visas and Immigration) and non-governmental organisations, and will be chaired by an individual appointed by the Home Office.  The panels will make conclusive grounds (CG) decisions on whether an individual is a confirmed victim of modern slavery.

Each panel will ideally be made up of approximately eight members representing the range of disciplines required to make decisions on specific cases, for example cases involving a child, cases where there is a live immigration issue or cases involving a specific exploitation type.  A minimum of five members will be required for the panel to convene.

Panel conferences will generally be held virtually.  Panel chairs will be given access to conference call facilities to host a panel conference call to discuss and make decisions on the cases referred to the panel by the Case Management Unit (CMU).  The frequency of panel conferences will be dependent upon fluctuating volumes of decisions.  However, we expect panels to be convened regularly, every 2-3 weeks. Attendance at panel conferences will be rotated to maintain flexibility.

The CMU will arrange with one of the panel chairs a suitable date and time for the conference call to be held.  The CMU will identify approximately 6-8 panel members who are available to participate in the conference call. The CMU will contact the panel members and confirm their availability.  Panel chairs and panel members will be given at least seven days’ notice to participate in a panel conference call.  However, where urgent decisions are required a panel may be expected to convene at short notice.  The CMU will endeavour to keep this to a minimum.


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