Naylor Wintersgill – fundraising tips

Naylor Wintersgill share their top 5 tips on what to think about when planning fundraising events.

  • If you are organising a particular fundraising event for the first time, make sure you check with the relevant authorities if you require any specific licences or permissions to carry out your chosen activity before you get started.
  • Make use of social media platforms to promote your event. There are lots of free apps you can utilise to allow you to schedule content to keep the momentum going while you focus on other things.
  • Collaborative relationships in the wider community are key. Think about teaming up with other like-minded business owners and professionals who share your company’s ethos and values to exchange valuable skill sets and divide the load. You’ll achieve a higher impact for a joint cause and create powerful networking opportunities for your organisation.
  • Every little helps – it doesn’t always have to be something huge. A couple of hours of volunteering or skills sharing could make a massive difference to a cause as well as providing a real sense of personal benefit and satisfaction for a member of your team.
  • When organising a fundraising event try to think outside the box as it could open up more PR opportunities to raise awareness of the great work of your chosen charity or cause and for your company. Something a little bit different may also boost engagement and get more colleagues involved if they are able challenging themselves, have fun and feel good in the process.


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