Can you help a deafblind child?

At Sense, our local expert Children’s Specialist Services team supports children from birth to adulthood. We go into family’s homes, schools, hospitals, organise pre school groups and family days for children who are deafblind and/or have a complex disability. We know that being a parent of a child who is deafblind or has other complex disabilities can be challenging. We support the whole family and help play to happen and everyone to get more out of life, offering expert advice, relaxation, reassurance, companionship, when it’s needed most.

With the right support, we believe it’s possible for every child to make sense of their world and the world around them. To communicate, connect and take part in life, no matter what.

£25 could help pay for colourful, textured sight and sound tubes. These tubes contain jingling bells, so a child who is deafblind can explore different sounds and sensations.

£50 could help pay for a set of five light-up sight and sound tubes for a child who is deafblind to help stimulate their vision and hearing or a bag of delights and activity resources.

£100 could pay for a visit from a Sense Children and Family Support Worker who can give invaluable advice and support to the whole family when they need it most.

£2000 could pay for a family event where the whole family can create a memory together, try something new safely, such as sailing, skiing or visiting an aquarium.

Please contact or 07801 893359 for information on our many services in the Yorkshire area and to fundraise for Sense or make a donation.

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