Chequered Flag Motorsport are looking for support in a potential TV opportunity

Through their work with charities and other good causes, Chequered Flag Motorsport have become involved in a project to provide opportunities for amputees to sample a race car on track. The event has already attracted the interest of a TV Producer interested in making a documentary for national TV – possibly about the journey a group of amputees trying to become racing drivers, or whether it is possible to take an amputee and make them into a racing driver.

If the documentary goes ahead, Chequered Flag Motorsport will be looking to attract major corporate sponsors.

“As a not for profit organisation it is just myself, and if I am to approach corporates, I need help from suitable parties in producing a sponsorship document that will outline the benefits of involvement in the project and outline various sponsorship options. I would also possibly require assistance in taking the sponsorship proposal to the market place.” – Gary Booth, Chequered Flag Motorsport

If you would like to help, please contact Gary Booth at: