New fundraising campaign – No Child Cold this winter

Why we need your help

75,000 children in Bradford are now at home taking part in remote learning as a result of the national lockdown. Recently Bradford daytime temperatures reached – 4 degrees. At least 21,000 of children in the district are in homes where affording the extra heating is a challenge, many of these children will be struggling with the cold. Many families are finding heating bills a genuine concern for the first time, people have been impacted by the pandemic through furlough, unemployment and reduced hours.

We are asking that individuals, businesses and faith groups in Bradford have step forward and support the pledge that no child will be cold in our district as a result of national lockdown.

£21 per week will help to support the additional cost of heating, helping families to keep children warm while they learn. Bradford businesses and individuals can give money to make sure no child is cold through GiveBradford. The logistics of the scheme are being delivered by Citizens Advice with referrals from schools and the voluntary sector.

Please consider giving even a small amount to help make sure that no child in our district is cold during this lockdown.

Your funding will go to GiveBradford and be used to provide grants to local community organisations in the Bradford District supporting people experiencing poverty. Initially donations given will go to