St Chad’s Church Far Headingley Treasurer (Voluntary Role) *including on-the-job training

The role of a treasurer is a very important one. Not only with thousands of pounds flowing through the Church’s funds, but the PCC is also an independent charity, and will need to conform to Charity Commission guidance. The treasurer does not need to be an accountant, but experience of book-keeping and accountancy practices would be very helpful to the role. The current treasurer will work with you to handover the accounts and you will receive additional ongoing support and training with the diocese and the Association of Church Accountants and Treasurers (ACAT) as well as from the software service providers WYCAS and MMA.

Do you know someone who might be suitable for this role? Please get in touch.

To find out more, please contact Hannah Lievesley (Vicar)
Tel: 0113 2103497

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