Supporting Education at the Royal Armouries

Wonderful Opportunity to Support Children’s Education in Leeds

Our vision is that every child will be able to access our museum learning experience regardless of socio-economic background, and the Covid-19 pandemic has only emphasised the critical importance of our formal education team in supporting the work of local schools. Although a national museum, the Royal Armouries is rooted in the communities it serves and we are committed to making a difference to school children here in Leeds, whether that is on-site at our flagship museum, or via digital outreach in the classroom.

The Royal Armouries education team has continued to deliver our outstanding, award-winning formal learning offer to local schools and children throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, via a digital offering, but there is still far more for us to do. The Home Learning Hub has provided us with solid foundations on which to build, but we now require further materials and resources to address the escalating problem that children, here in Leeds, are falling further behind expected achievement levels due to prolonged school closures.

Supporting children’s literacy and communication skills is a focus for our education team and is woven into all our formal workshops and educational resources. Our focus on literacy skills is becoming increasingly critical given the growing evidence that children hardest hit by the Covid-19 pandemic are regressing in basic skills and learning. The National Foundation for Educational Research’s January 2021 report found that Year 2 pupils were at a much lower reading level in Autumn 2020 than in 2017, with an approximate 2 month-gap in the current cohort’s reading skills. This gap is more pronounced for pupils from socio-economically deprived backgrounds, where the reading gap is estimated to be the equivalent of seven months’ learning.

In direct response to this, we are now live-streaming our outstanding Second World War and Roman workshops direct into the classroom. Pupils who may not otherwise have been able to visit the museum due to budget restraints or physical distance may now access these resources in a fun, live and engaging way. Crucially, disadvantaged children who are without laptops and internet access at home are still able to experience our live-stream events through the classroom.

We anticipate that the live-streaming service will become a permanent fixture of the Royal Armouries education offer, and as such, we require further materials and resources to allow us to continue. We need further funds to purchase high specification audio-visual equipment, specifically for the education team, to enable us to offer more, higher quality, sessions to more schools and more children.

As a charity, we are actively seeking corporate partners to sponsor this digital education service, inviting companies to play a significant role in widening this education service to more children across our region.

Corporate Partners for this opportunity can enjoy:

– A strong opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to our local community and meet CSR targets

– Acknowledgement on the Royal Armouries website, including a company link.

– Company logo included on our supporters’ board on entry to our Leeds museum.

– Acknowledgement on our key social media platforms (100k+ followers)

– ‘Kindly Supported By’ acknowledgements at appropriate opportunities throughout the digital education service.

– Priority access to new exhibitions.

– Meet & Greet a Knight of the Royal Armouries experience for a small group of employees.

– V.I.P seats at our Annual Jousting Tournament in Leeds, hosting world-class champions from around the world.

The Royal Armouries is a charity, and we have lost £6 out of every £7 of self-generated income due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. It is only thanks to the generosity of our donors and supporters that we can continue to deliver our outstanding education service to children who are least likely to be able to access such opportunities for further learning.

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