The Gift of a Wish

When You Wish Upon a Star has a simple mission, to grant the Wishes of children aged 4 – 16 living with a life threatening illness. Our Wishes have the power to transform the lives of the children and families we work with and since 1990 we have proudly granted over 18,500 across the UK.

We are a small national charity which receives no Government funding and are reliant on donations from individuals and businesses in our communities. The COVID pandemic has meant that many of our Wishes have sadly but necessarily had to be put on hold. We currently have over 100 children on our Wish list and we are working hard to generate the funds to grant all these Wishes when it is safe to do so. By donating to When You Wish Upon a Star you would be helping dreams come true for our inspiring Wish children and making magical memories for the whole family.

Please contact Alex Byers or 07918 850931 for information on our Wish granting work in the Yorkshire area and to make a donation.

What is a Wish?

When a child is diagnosed with a life threatening illness parents are faced with their worst fear. Life turns upside down and the family exists on a day to day or week to week basis. It disrupts family life, especially for siblings. At times it can be difficult to imagine a life without illness, one where their child can play with friends, smile, and enjoy their childhood like any other healthy child.

The effect of an illness in the family is felt not only emotionally but financially too. All too often one or both parents are forced to give up work to care for their child, so providing the essentials is often difficult enough, without the extra financial strain of treats and extras.

We step in when families need it most, to add magic to young lives and their families, giving hope, something to look forward to, the chance to simply be a child and create precious memories with loved ones. From these experiences the children and families draw strength, courage and the resilience to carry on their fight.