Winner: Hungate


Environmentally we worked tirelessly to make the development as green as possible.

We worked to combat urban thermal density which is a way of thinking about, the heat of the area which actually interferes with local wildlife. So we use materials with a low environmental impact, everywhere across our developments, and that helps increase both the plant life the oxygenation levels in the area and keeps the area as natural as possible it keeps everything in sync.

For Hungate, it was essential to incorporate local schoolchildren in our green initiatives, and educate them about what they have around them.

Keeping residents informed is also key to protecting the future of the development. This was achieved by the installation of information plaques which we did in partnership with the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. These plaques have information on the Kingfisher’s, otters and hedgehogs that can be found around the area so that residents can preserve their survival for future generations.

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