Provident Financial – How to Manage Expectations

Provident Financial share their tips on how to manage volunteers’ expectations.

  • Manage volunteers’ expectations. This was covered at one of our events during the two-hour training session provided by the charity. Also, as we were working with small social enterprises, some of them (for reasons outside of our control) didn’t get off the ground – mentors need to understand that this is a risk, but not something which reflects badly on them.


  • Ensure that appropriate levels of support and follow-up are in place. Volunteers don’t always let you know if they are experiencing any challenges or barriers.  It’s therefore important that you proactively contact them at regular intervals and ensure that they know they can get support if they need it. The charity were always on hand to answer any queries, provide further training and ensure that the social entrepreneurs were engaging effectively with their mentors.


Read the Provident Financial case study here

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