Voluntary Action Leeds have been working with Leeds City Council to deliver the Community Care Volunteer Programme

Voluntary Action Leeds (VAL) is an infrastructure charity working to support third sector and voluntary organisations in Leeds, through advice, funding assistance and community-led social action. The Volunteer Centre, run by the charity, is a hub for volunteering in Leeds, connecting individuals and organisations for collective social action.

During the Coronavirus pandemic the charity worked together with Leeds City Council to deliver the Community Care Volunteer Programme, deploying thousands of volunteers to partner organisations across the city, delivering services in the heart of the community for vulnerable households.

Having seen first-hand the power of partnerships throughout the pandemic, VAL are keen to continue to build relationships with local businesses, recognising the importance of their social impact for the local community and beyond. Through its subsidiary VAL YOU, they offer professional services, such as payroll, recruitment and room hire, with all profits going directly back to the charity to support the work they do across the region.

Emma Murrell from the charity said:

“VAL YOU provide an opportunity for businesses to improve their social impact through their everyday business. Every penny earned through VAL YOU goes straight back to charity. By choosing to work with a non-profit organisation it provides a simple solution to engaging with the third sector, supporting charity and giving back to the local community.”

Following the national lockdown, VAL YOU are getting ready to welcome back visitors to their meeting and training rooms by following government advice and providing a Covid secure space.

Emma added:

“As with most meeting venues, the last year has been difficult for the business. The charity has been working hard in response to the pandemic, supporting communities and organisations across the city, but we’re excited to finally welcome people back to Stringer House. We are able to offer a unique, welcoming venue, but most importantly customers know that by choosing our venue they are supporting a charity to continue with its work.”

If you’d like to have a chat about any of our services, volunteering or just getting involved with the charity, please send an email to valyou@val.org.uk or call 0113 2977920.