Yorkshire Building Society – how to choose your charity partner

Yorkshire Buildings Society provide some tips on what you need to think about when choosing your charity partner.

  • Make sure the charity or organisation you choose to partner with aligns to your company ethos and values as colleagues are more likely to want to sign up.
  • Good volunteering is about quality rather than quantity and making it easily accessible to your volunteers
  • Any volunteering programme must be workable for your organisation. For example, Yorkshire Building Society offers colleagues up to 31 hours’ volunteering time a year
  • Volunteering isn’t just about giving back to local communities, it’s a chance for colleagues to share their skills and also develop new ones. So make sure there’s an element of challenge and reward when choosing a particular activity/partner.
  • Consider the charity’s needs and what type of business you are. Feedback from surveys suggests that charities don’t always need hands-on manual support. Instead they need to draw on skills to train their own staff, develop them or to benefit from pro bono support.


Read the Yorkshire Building Society case study here

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