Raising the Bar can benefit  your business

Raising the Bar helps local businesses of all sizes showcase the good work they do in the community and benchmark progress against set standards of achievement. Contributions are assessed in the four main categories of community, education, economy and environment.

Examples of winning entries include businesses which strive to be at the heart of their local communities, through staff volunteering or fundraising for a local cause or charity.

Businesses which have dedicated their time to develop and invest in the future workforce, through partnerships with local schools, colleges and universities as well as providing individuals with ‘on the job’ training courses and apprenticeships.

Companies which have demonstrated a continued focus on contributing to the local economy, through employment or ensuring the use of local supply chains.

Recognition for organisations who continuously work to reduce the impact their business activities have on the environment.

Businesses can also use the Raising the Bar website to search for good causes that they wish to get involved with, or offer help to charities, schools community groups etc.

There are a number of business benefits to Raising the Bar, but we know that businesses undertake these activities for the benefit of the communities they live and work in.

  • The awards themselves are inspirational, it’s great to see the work that others do, and a chance to share ideas.

    Jayne Talbot Christeyns
  • We’re so happy to have won an award for something which means so much to us on a day-to-day basis!

    Evie Lees See Green Media
  • It’s fantastic to be part of these awards and to be recognised for all the work done. The event was great and we would encourage all businesses to take part if they can.

    Steven Graham Hungate York Regeneration
  • Winning not one but two Raising the Bar awards was a terrific accolade. It’s something which both our prospective and current customers have been duly impressed with, and we are thrilled.


    Jayne Kennedy, Marketing Manager B&M Waste Services

By being a responsible, sustainable business you can save money through energy, recruitment and packaging costs etc., gain customers, embed innovation in your working processes and inspire and engage with your staff

It is true that customers are becoming increasingly aware of how ethical the businesses they interact with are, through social media channels and this can have a devastating effect on your ‘brand’ and your reputation.

Ensuring you are communicating with staff, customers, suppliers and stakeholders about your impact on a business on the community and environment can improve relationships with these people, whilst making money and maintaining and improving your credibility.

Try to think of your community and environmental impact as the culture of your organisation and not a project outside of day-to-day business.

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