Inspire, highlight, act, enter!

Blog written by Suzanne Watson, Managing Director of Approach PR

In my lifetime, there has never been a time when a sense of community has been more important and more needed than now.

And never was the West & North Yorkshire Chamber’s Raising The Bar initiative more relevant than now.

Businesses Acting Responsibly embraces everything from looking after our workforces to strengthening our communities. If Covid-19 has taught us anything, it is that feeling united, supported and valuing even the smallest of things, are the very foundations on which our lives – and our businesses – are built.

We need look no further than our own neighbourhoods to see exceptional shows of solidarity with volunteers offering time, businesses donating free goods and children giving up their pocket money with an expectation of nothing in return other than knowing we are playing our part, however small, in the continuation of every day life and the rebuild of society.

So while Covid-19 has been a time for real concern and re-evaluation, it also presents a time for reflection and regeneration. Our Raising The Bar website is designed to showcase some of our region’s most important stories of businesses acting responsibly. To inspire and reinvigorate other businesses to act.

Importantly, it can signpost you to those who need support, not just for now, but to help them achieve a sustainable future. And it’s a source of information about those organisations which are looking to us as businesses, for help.

Adjusting to life with Covid-19 is challenging for everyone in so many different ways. But it also presents an opportunity for uniting, supporting, valuing and collectively, making a better future for us all.

On November 4th, whether online or in person, we will be sharing inspirational stories of businesses who judges agree are shining examples of acting responsibly and raising the bar across the categories of economy, education, community and the environment.

Your story will inspire someone else – help us to highlight the work and the organisations that are making a difference and enter our 2020 awards / share your news with us here.