LNER staff raise £200,000 for suicide prevention

LNER colleagues have now completed more than 5,000 volunteering hours, supporting 12,000 beneficiaries through foodbanks, anti-loneliness initiatives, the NHS, and many more groups. This has delivered a social value of more than £80,000, with this figure continuing to grow day on day.

The efforts of LNER colleagues in recent weeks has also seen LNER pass the £200,000 mark for funds raised for their charity partner, the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM). Money raised through fitness and other challenges is combined with Delay Repay contributions from our customers, who have the option to donate their compensation for a delayed service.

This news comes following the 12 month anniversary of the Sunflower lanyard initiative. 12 months ago LNER launched the Sunflower lanyard initiative to provide those who have hidden disabilities with an additional way to indicate to staff that they would like to be offered some help. Since its launch, LNER has given out more than 10,000 lanyards and several other train companies have followed suit, either giving out the lanyards themselves or training staff to recognise the scheme.