The Other Person Consultancy release the UK’s first Aunty Knife crime application

The Other Person Consultancy is a brand, design and software development company with offices in Saltaire and Leeds.  We are known for helping our clients increase their impact with the people they need to connect to – emotionally, efficiently and economically.  For this reason, when we were asked to design and develop a knife crime app, we couldn’t say no.

We have had the privilege to work in collaboration with Neesie, the Home Office and four schools in Bradford and Keighley, Carlton Bolling, Bradford Grammar, University of Keighley and Buttershaw (BBEC).

Initially we attended workshops with the four schools. 12 students from each came together, all from different backgrounds and cultures and collaborated on what was important to them.  They were able to meet inspirational community leaders who had all been affected by knife crime. Some of the stories are truly saddening.

We are proud to be part of a team helping students raise awareness in their schools of the dangers of carrying a knife or being involved in a gang. Understanding the lasting effects of what it can mean to them and their families!

Who are Neesie?

Neesie are a grassroots organisation supporting at risk individuals from a broad spectrum of society by providing them platforms to prosper in society.

What is Aunty Knife?

“Aunty Knife is an innovative student-led initiative funded by the Home Office and developed by Neesie, created to act as a tool of reference and protection for youths at risk of becoming involved within criminal activity, particularly knife crime.

This quirky take on the ANTI slogan, derives from the notion of every household having an ‘Aunty figurehead’ who takes responsibility to inform the youngster of the dangers surrounding them.

The aim of the app is to engage young people’s minds to think carefully about the decisions and consequences around knives and their lives.  It will be used to actively engage young people along a journey, where they will experience the true life devastation of knife crime.”

The students have been holding their own in-school roadshows (w/c 3rd February 2020).  The school who achieves the highest amount of signatures from students supporting the app, will have the opportunity to take their white paper down to the Houses of Parliament and present their case.  Seeing the enthusiasm radiating from the students is fantastic.

The future development would include reporting functionality, working closely with the Home Office and police departments.  Ultimately the application will be the go-to place for reporting and helping to prevent knife crime. Fundamentally, we can all work together educating communities and helping to save lives.

By visiting the iOS App Store and Google Play, Android App Store and searching ‘Aunty Knife’, you can download it and do your bit in helping to raise knife crime awareness.