Work with us to create opportunities for autistic people who are keen to work and will be an asset to your business!

We are passionate about increasing opportunities for local autistic people and feel that employers could be missing out on some talented and enthusiastic workers. Our Bradford Supported Employment service supports autistic people into employment and helps employers to create an environment where autistic people can work effectively by providing free Job Coaching support.

In difficult and challenging economic times, using the talents of the whole workforce is more important than ever. Considering the diversity of your workforce and fostering an inclusive working environment can bring business benefits and provide a market advantage in economically strained times.

Working with an employer to get somebody into the workplace is just the start. We make an ongoing commitment to support both parties, for as long as required. This approach helps both employee and employer feel comfortable, productive and happy.

Some employers may be nervous about taking on someone with a disability. They may be worried about how to deliver training, if the person is up to the job, or about what adjustments may have to be made. We can help address such concerns and have found focusing on the individual and taking a flexible approach really helps.

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