Environment Award 2022

Award Entry – Environment

Governments across the globe are looking to the business community to provide leadership on environmental issues. We cannot continue to use resources as if they were limitless, and so this category seeks to identify the steps you are taking to reduce your business’s impact on the environment. Please complete the following sections to enter the Environment Award at the 2022 Raising the Bar Awards. You will have the opportunity to submit evidence to support your application at the end of the form.

Company Details

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Are you a member of West & North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce?


Do you aim to act responsibly as a business and support local community and economic priorities? Please select the option which best describes your current position:
Have you met, or are you on track to meet, your 2022 social impact targets?


Please answer Yes or No to the following questions:
In 2022, have you taken any action to improve the energy efficiency of your building(s)? This could be through insulation, LED lighting, generating your own power, switching to a low-energy heating system etc.
Have you run any internal training sessions to educate your employees on environmental issues?
Do you segregate and recycle waste?
Do you have, or are you working towards, any environmental accreditations?
Have you taken any action to reduce the amount of unnecessary waste produced by your product or service?


You may want to include: The targets you set for 2022, and how you have achieved them. An outline of the different projects and activities you have worked on. An achievement which you are particularly proud of. The outcome of this achievement. 500 words maximum.
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Record a video on a phone or webcam telling us why your business deserves to be recognised


Please upload any evidence (photos, certificates, case studies) to support your application.
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